Cottages review
Apartments review


Cottages review

Cottages near the ski resort in mountain Hlíðarfjall 5km from Akureyri


Apartments review

Apartments located in the center of the charming town Akureyri

Charming town in the north


at the roots of the mountain

Our Cottages

The location of our Cottages is well-suited for your family vacation being near to the ski resort at Hlidarfjall. The cottages are situated only 5 km from the centre of Akureyri and therefore within easy reach of many other activities on offer in the area. They are all equipped to a high standard for modern living and offer a stunning view over the town and fjord.
Each cottage has 3 bedrooms comprising a master bedroom with double bed, one room with 2 single beds and 1 bunk bed.  And finally one room with 2 single beds. In total each cottage can therefore accommodate 8 guests. In addition all the cottages have 2 bathrooms, a lounge, kitchen, indoor Jacuzzi area and laundry room. All the cottages are kept comfortably warm with underfloor heating.

In the heart of Akureyri

Our apartments

Hrimland Apartments are located at Standgata 29 in the centre of Akureyri.
The building is on 3 floors, all of which are accessible by both an elevator and staircases.
The Apartments are by the sea with excellent views over the fjord. There are 16 apartments in total,  accommodating  from 2 to 4  guests.
Smoking is forbidden and no pets are permitted.
All apartments are fully furnished with a well equipped kitchen as well as TV, washing machine, dryer and free Wifi. Bed linen is included.
On the ground floor there is locker storage for your skiing equipment together with a drying cabinet for your outdoor clothing. Free parking is available.
The Apartments are situated directly opposite the town’s Culture Centre, Hof. Within a short walking distance you can find the town’s main shopping area along with art galleries, restaurants, bakery, coffee shops, cinema and gym. Within a short driving distance is a well equipped public swimming pool, golf course and internationally renowned botanical gardens.

Our history

About us

Vesturkantur ehf was founded in 2008 and commenced operations in the tourism industry in 2014 by renting out Hrimland Luxury Cottages which are located on the Hlidarfjall mountainside, looking out over the town of Akureyri and the fjord. In the autumn of 2018, Vesturkantur opened its new Hrimland Luxury Apartments at Standgata 29 in the centre of Akureyri.